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Patentech is an online and offline forum and leading global platform which provides patent owners and potential buyers a wonderful opportunity to access untapped patents for the greatest potential to capitalize to its fullest and ultimately generate financial resources for both the patent owner and the potential buyer.  By linking the two together we are able to boost and generate business between the patent owner and the potential buyer, who may range from individuals, hi-tech companies or multi-million dollar corporations. 
Patentech is focused on providing assistance to patent owners all over the world from the first step and until the very last step thus capitalizing on those untapped patents.  We appraise and evaluate the patent in question, locate and trace potential buyers and assist in a swift negotiation and sale, which otherwise may seem unfeasible.  We manage every step of the sale from presentation to negotiation.  We are committed to serve our clients and afford them with the best service possible. 
We have deep-rooted relationships with major international potential buyers.   These existing contacts provide us with the appropriate leverage and influence to contact the patent owner and potential buyers as fast as possible. 
 Through Patentech, patent owners and potential buyers can virtually be commercialized and transformed from intellectual property and into tangible assets.
About Us