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Patentech is focused on aiding patent owners to capitalize on their untapped patents.  As part of the growing world of sellable patents the following steps are crucial for the sale: (i) submitting the patent and (ii) price evaluation of the patent and (iii) the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the specific patent. 
In this fast paced and ever changing global community, the greater the assortment and variation within a portfolio, the greater the opportunity to capitalize these untapped patents, thus generating higher returns on the sale of the Intellectual Property and domination, control, management and organization within the global market.
Each year, in the United States alone, billions of dollars are invested and generated by multi-million dollar conglomerates, in search of capitalizing the untapped patents.  If patent owners are not appropriately and suitably advised, they can potentially lose great amounts of money.  It is our goal to provide professional assistance and adept legal and technological skills and know-how to properly ensure ultimate capitalization of the untapped patents. 
Why is it important to capitalize untapped patents?
Profit from dormant Intellectual Property that has great monetary value.
Maximize returns on your Intellectual Property investments with little “out of pocket” expenses.
Promote your technology and strengthen your position in the field of your business – be the market standard!
Create additional shareholder value for your company.
Promote your long term financial and technological strategy.
For years, Israel has been viewed as a great source of untapped patents.  Known as the "Silicon Wadi", Israel yields an extraordinary number of inventions per annum.  Many of these inventions are within the field of hi-tech patents and are owned by private individuals and small and moderate sized companies who may not have the financial capacity to market these patents to the global community.  If purchased by the appropriate potential buyers and given the right opportunity, marketing and advertisement platforms, these untapped patents can generate millions of dollars and improve as well as anchor an influential position within the global market.  
Furthermore, the Law for the Encouragement of Industrial Research and Development, 1984, has been amended and finally allows for the transfer of know-how and manufacturing abroad, acts that until recently were forbidden.  In the past, an Israeli company that could not export knowledge that was funded by the Chief Scientist, and additionally the same Israeli company who received funding could not be sold by any means.  With the fast paced and ever-growing global market, these restrictions restricted foreign investments and sales.  These amendments have placed fewer restrictions on the sale and export of technological intellectual property, including its improvements, and as such now is the best time to capitalize these untapped patents. 
Locate and Trace Potential Buyers
Providing Assistance to Patent Owners
and until the very last step thus capitalizing on those untapped patents.